For Sale - Minimal- Yard Sign

SKU: sku-37635252801

Did your sellers decide to put the house on the market a little early and your signpost isn't there yet!?  Our For Sale real estate yard signs can help you out in a pinch.

Get them with grommets if you need to hang them or with no grommets that work for the top of your sign, as an insert into a sign frame, or on an H stake.

  • 24" x 18" 
  • printed on 4mm corex
  • Double Sided
  • Does not come with the H stake, get one here!
AND, they're not JUST for the house, they're for YOU too!  Check out other ways to use them in our Realtor Photoshoot Checklist, download yours here!

If you need them customized, here's our Custom Yard Signs
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