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Courtesy to Buyer Brokers - Minimal

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With all the commission changes and hoopla, we knew we wanted to help the best we could. So we created "Courtesy to Buyer Brokers" signs to help cut through all the noise. You got this, Agents; persevere—it's in your nature!

Our Sign Riders/Directionals are double-sided, 6"x24" and are printed on a 4mil Corex.  Sign riders come with top & bottom holes to hang them from your sign.

AND, they're not JUST for the house, they're for YOU too!  Check out other ways to use them in our Realtor Photoshoot Checklist, download yours here!

If you need them customized, here's our Custom Riders

Please check with your brokerage managing broker or your local association about the rules in your state for using this signage. Every state is different.

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