About Us

 When Keller Williams first started expanding into Southern California in the ‘90’s, we offered to let them use our office as a meeting place. Since that time, we have partnered with Keller Williams – over 22 years! – to provide the best marketing products and services in the industry. In 2013, we transitioned our operations for KWRedStore.com from southern California to Houston, Texas. This move served a dual purpose: it allowed us to be closer to the KWRI Headquarters in Austin, enabling us to keep our pulse on the changing needs of agents; it also offered a more central location to serve agents and market centers nationwide, allowing us to be more efficient and responsive. We strive to fulfill both of those purposes every day.

We are a family owned and operated business with values and principles closely aligned with those of Keller Williams. Our Chairman, Galen Walters, has over 40 years of entrepreneurial business and retail marketing experience and provides visionary leadership that not only serves existing needs but also anticipates and provides solutions for emerging needs. Other family members provide support in different facets of the business, and it's likely you'll meet some of them helping out at Family Reunion, Mega Camp, or the Luxury, Masterminds, or Commercial Retreats. We truly love what we do and are proud to be part of the Keller Williams “family.”

ARedStore.com is a Keller Williams approved vendor offering real estate marketing products and services, including presentation folders, business cards, apparel, direct mail postcards and flyers, gift items, and much more. ARedStore.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of eSpend, LLC.

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