368 Real Estate Marketing Ideas, Business Tips & Manifesting Journal

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Written by Tracey Hicks, the owner of All Things Real Estate, this 8.5 x 5.5, hardcover, wire spiral-bound, 368 page Journal is full of real estate tips, marketing and business ideas, and thoughts of manifesting a successful (whatever that may be for you) real estate business.

The 368 Journal also makes a great gift, especially for teams, pick one to go over together in your team meetings! Perfect for many in the real estate industry. Agents, mortgage brokers, content creators, investors, marketing consultants, and so on and so on!

Why 368?

Each page in this book is unique. It’s about inspiring new ideas, seeing your business + you in new ways, giving life to things you never thought to ask yourself & of course, manifesting it!

Use this book in a way that serves YOU. Some pages are meant to light a fire, get something started, jot down your new ideas, and some are meant to just give you that moment of pause in your busy Real Estate Life. Use it daily, once a week, on a particular day of the week; however, you want.

Enjoy, ‘cause if it’s not fun, you won’t do it!

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