Listing Testimonial Prop™ Bundle - Minimal Script

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Celebrate AND Market your Listings every step of the way! One of the best ways to market yourself as an agent is to tell the real estate story. Talk about ALL the processes of selling a home, and use these cute props as your images for those posts, blogs, & videos.

We created the Listing Prop Bundle for you to get inspired about all the ways you can market your listings. Bring them, or one, to your listing presentations, and show them how you market their home, your sellers will be impressed.

We created a Realtor Photoshoot Checklist to help with more ideas, download yours here!

  • 3 Double Sided Signs, 6 different sayings
    • New listing/Open house
    • Fall in love/Home Sweet Home
    • Sale pending/Sold

  • 9" x 24" 
  • Printed on Poly Plastic
  • Customize your props Here!
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