KW Keller Williams- Iron or Sew On Patch

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Boost Your Brand with Custom Real Estate Iron-On Patches!

Elevate your real estate game with our stylish Iron-On Patches, perfect for any real estate professional looking to add a touch of personality to their marketing gear! Add them to your favorite jacket, tote bag, or sweatshirt. They are not ideal for hats unless you use a hat heat press machine or stitch it on.

Iron-on Patch instructions for using an iron to heat-seal patches. These are your basic DIY at-home instructions. For best results, you can also stitch them on.

1. Set the iron to “cotton” or “high heat” on the temperature setting. Lay the garment flat (on an ironing board). Preheat the garment where the patch will be attached.

2. To protect your garment, use a thin cloth or sheet to prevent burning. Then, press the heated iron firmly down on top of that cloth for 10 seconds. 

3. Place the patch on the pre-heated spot. Put the cloth, sheet, or pillowcase on top of the embroidered part of the patch so you don’t burn the embroidery thread. Press firmly on the iron for 15-20 seconds. 

4. If possible, repeat this step on the reverse side of the garment, again using your thin cloth to protect your garment. 

5. This is important: Your glue will be hot and liquified, but it will cool fast and harden soon. Be very careful not to let the patch move around on the garment before the glue hardens. If it moves around, the bond will not be as secure. 

6. Set your garment aside and let it cool back down to room temperature.

How do you keep iron-on patches from falling off?
Reapply heat using an iron as you did when you first applied the patch. If this doesn't help, pop a stitch in the locations where the patch is starting to lift. If the patch is peeling so much that it's loose, remove it entirely and use fabric glue to reapply it.
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