Dog Bandana - Real Estate Dawg. (Red)

SKU: sku-69821530113

Let your dog channel their inner real estate mogul with a Real Estate Dawg Bandana – a fusion of style, comfort, and personality that's bound to make tails wag and heads turn. Whether they're negotiating treat acquisitions or simply enjoying the finer things in life, this bandana will ensure your pup is the talk of the town. 

Your furry friend deserves a taste of the high life too, and what better way to show off their impeccable taste than with our exclusive Real Estate Dawg Bandana? Designed for the most discerning canine companions, this bandana is the ultimate accessory for those pups who know the true value of comfort and fashion.

🎈 Adjustable Fit: We understand that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our Real Estate Dawg Bandana can be tied close in or all the way out to ensure the perfect fit for your pet. Whether your pooch is a pint-sized Pomeranian or a majestic Mastiff, this bandana will suit them flawlessly. Also works great on their leash too!

  • Red with white artwork that says "REAL ESTATE DAWG" with a paw print
  • 50/50 cotton/polyester woven fabric
  • 30" wide x 15" tall
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